Outdoor Testing Renovo Bikes and morphing into a bit about finish repair for some reason

by Christo

Are you wondering if Renovo Hardwood Bikes go through rigorous environmental testing? It turns out that I, Christo, am the Chief Executive Tester. On this ride I took a 55cm bike (too small for me, and set up for this testing run), to the Tiger Mountain Summit in Washington. The temperature at the base was 37 F and lots of freezing rain coming down. After I climbed about 500 vertical, the sleet turned to snow. By the time I broke out of the clouds, there was 2 inches of snow on the ground, and I couldn't be happier...just warmer and dryer.

Renovo Bikes have been around for 14 years now. None have needed to come in for a refinish. The bikes get about six coats of finish, starting with a sealer coat (base plus catalyst), and then numerous top coats of automotive satin (also base plus catalyst). There are four different products going into the finish. And it is full of UV inhibitor to keep the bike looking fresh.

You might think that I clean off water and mud right after a ride. Well, no. I've left my Renovo in the back of my pick up truck on a rainy night. Cleaned them up the next day. No worse for wear. A Renovo does not need more care than any other bike. The finishes on a bike are similar no matter the materials. Obviously, a steel frame without paint is going to rust. A wood bike without finish can pick up moisture. This is not a bad thing by itself. It'll dry. But the bike is finished with very high tech coatings. Even a scratch is not going to have any effect on the bike.

Here is a secret: There are easy methods to fix scratches on a wood bike, unlike other materials. Clear nail polish will work. I prefer to use a Cyanoacrylate glue, which is indistinguishable from the finish if applied with some skill. Crazy Glue and Super Glue are cyanoacrylates, but don't use them if you can get ahold of this...GluBoost. If you want to know how to work with CA glues on a Renovo, look up the videos at GluBoost.com . Luthiers worked out these methods, and it happens to work perfectly on Renovo bikes. In fact, if you are a luthier, or any kind of fine woodworker, you'll want to know about finish repair with GluBoost.