The John Day is so smooth...wood can damp vibration like no other material. Truly one of the quietest rides we’ve ever experienced; road miles just glide away.Bikes need to lay down power efficiently...the John Day and wood impresses. No piece of wall art, although it would look beautiful on a wall.

The degree to which (wood) outperforms carbon, steel and titanium will surprise you. It’s one of the best mountain bikes I’ve ever ridden, and the most beautiful...exceptional build and ride quality.

As light as some carbon bikes...equally stiff if not stiffer...but with a smoother ride. Diving into turns, our riders often felt they were riding on rails. It can jump and flow trails as well as any other hardtail...An attention grabbing bike...backs up its beauty with amazing ride quality.

How does it ride? Honestly, amaaaazing. It’s hard to convey how smooth the ride is...Stiffness exceeds all the steel and ti bikes I’ve ever ridden and rivals my current aluminum bike. Race it hard? Hell yes. Pass to the kids as an heirloom? Of course.

The Pursuit has the stiffness and vivacity of a high-end steel frame with the vibration damping of an endurance focused carbon bike...a ride that’s lively, smooth, rigid and well damped without being overly so.

The Renovo rides like a proper race bike. The ride quality is firm and direct, but smooth, the bike gliding over rough surfaces rather than chattering...respectably stiff when you give it some power.

I'm prepared to say that, yes, the frame really does make for a smooth ride.  Really smooth.  Like nicest-bike-I've-ever ridden smooth.  I'm sure there's a psychological factor at play--it's pretty much the only bike I have that doesn't have rust spots on it--but, be that as it may, it feels really, really good to ride this bicycle. Approved by Eben Weiss, a.k.a. BikeSnobNYC