$7,500 custom

Cobbles? Well it is certainly going to tame them. The Stave Built Renovo is a versatile living machine that starts with a story.... The Glenmorangie Whiskey Distiller ordered a group of bikes made from recycled barell staves. It was co-branded and became a hit with the tasting crowd. So if you like to bike to distilleries, wineries or even breweries for a tasting, this is your ride. We would only have that drink at the end of that ride of course, so for breaks, we recommend biking to bakeries, and then to the winery, or whatever. Now I'm reminded of a favorite book called Bakeries by Bicycle.

This was a one year contract with Glenmorangie, and unless they wish to renew it, or say, Lagavulin comes calling, or most any distillery from the Isle of Islay (pronounced ees-la), it will live on here as the Stave Built Renovo, aka the Hogswood. This comes from the old Gaelic word Hogshead, which is a certain sized barell (66 imperial gallons), and we use those staves to make your frame. Hogswood is also a brewery in the UK that has first dibs on any of these bikes. I recommend their Celtic Kernow King. Hogswood frames are usually made out of bent black walnut in the inner frame, and the white oak barell staves for the outer planks. And we show off any color that comes with the barrel whether it be char, or burgundy stain. By the way, there will also be hollow, trapazoidal shaped tubes to remind you it came from barel staves, bent wood parts for extra strength in curved areas, and aluminum or carbon fiber interfaces at the head tube, seat tube, bottom bracket and drop-outs. The Hogswood is completely modern, ready for some adventure, and looks the part. Doesn't matter if you want it for commuting, touring, gravel, or cobbles. (Can you see the beer bottle in the image on the right? Are we a little obsessed with this metaphor?)

We build the Hogshead as a Limited Edition frame for $7,500. If we have one in your size, it can ship in as little as one week. If not in stock, you can get in the queue for the next one in your size by placing a deposit of $1,200 stock. Sizes of these frames are 52, 55, 58, and 61, or small, medium, large and extra large. We stop taking orders when we can't fill an order for a spec frame within 120 days. Some of the pictures here will show a frame with a front derailleur. This would be from the Glenmorangie stock, of which, we have a couple. But all the new stave frames are built for 1x. With up to 13 speeds, it seems like plenty to us. But if it isn't enough for you, we can discuss that over a wee dram. BTW, no single malt scotch is ever wasted during the building of your epic stave frame, though quite a few pastries may be consumed. 

The Hogshead frame gets a decal like this on the seat tube. It is taken from an 1867 US Internal Revenue stamp that applied a $2 duty to every Hogshead imported. Was that a bargin in 1867? We think so.

Full builds vary for each rider. But budget $3,500 for a mechanical groupset like SRAM Rival with an alloy cockpit and alloy wheelset. Up that to $6,500 or so for carbon wheels, electronic wireless shifting and a carbon cockpit. It takes a spreadsheet to put together your list, and come up with a number, and the options are pretty unlimited, but we can goal seek on your budget too. And you may find that we have a pre-built bike in your size in our very lightly used demo bikes. Lately, we are building our bikes primarily with SRAM groupsets, Whisky cockpits, and Rolf Prima Wheelsets. Though at the moment, I'm putting together one with Rotor 1x13.

For some reason we keep building this bike with a Whisky cockpit and a leather Brooks seat. Very comfy on the cobbles that you will inevitably be riding on as you approach the distillery, winery, brewery, or boulangerie. Cheers!