Renovo Hardwood Bikes began in 2007 in Portland Oregon under the ownership of Ken Wheller. Christo Mroz, who also owns Pure Timber LLC bought Renovo in 2018 and roled the product line into Pure Timber LLC. Now branded Renovo by Pure Timber, the bike frames have been reimagined and reengineered. 


Canadian, but based in Gig Harbor Washington, USA, Christo has been producing large scale high art wood fabrications for 20 years. His focus is radius wood work. Anything with a curve, and made out of wood. This has included large architectural fabrications, musical instrument production, curved furniture parts, and a very unique engineered wood product called compressed wood that Mroz manufactures exclusively and uses to bend wood further than anyone else in the world. It is this wood that creates some of the magic in Renovo bike frames. For more about Christo's architectural work, see