Renovo  frames are made from North American hardwoods like Walnut, Ash, Red Elm, Ambrosia Maple, Sugar Maple, Flaming Box Elder, White Oak, Red Oak, Black Cherry, Sassafras, Hickory, Osage Orange, Persimon, Pecan, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Catalpa, Sweetberry, Mulberry, Black Locust, Honey Locust and Madrone (take a breath). Some softwoods can also be used, suce as Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Spruce, and Douglas Fir. We sometimes add imported woods like Bubinga, Sapelle, Padauk and Wenge for accent parts like pin striping. Usually we pair two species of wood with dark on the outside and light inside, or reverse. We call this the oreo cookie pairing, or reverse oreo cookie pairing. The pictures below are of flat planks. In a bike, they take on more varied grain and figure from the rounding over of the frame tubes. We can also incorporate your wood, if you have something you value that you want to have us make into your bike. For example, a downed tree from your property. Barrel staves from your vineyard or distillery. Reclaimed beams from your 1880s home (we have some of those). Collaborations with your wood business. Your wood can only be used in the outer show layer of the bike. The inner triangle layers must be from our extreme bending woods, many of which are shown below.

Black Walnut
White Ash
Red Elm
Lacey Sycamore
Gum Cherry
Ambrosia Maple
Ambrosia Maple

Koa Slab (It's a bike now)