"...the bike is just damned fast. If I get out of the saddle, the bike just GOES NOW in a big way. No frame flex, just power. I don't know if it's the wood, the geometry, the tires or a combination, but it's just a joy to ride. The John Day (Whiskey Jack) feels smooth, fast and solid, planted to the pavement in a way different from every other bike I've ridden." Larry S.
"Just want you to know I got out yesterday on my new ride. Holy smokes, I felt so good on it. I totally like the responsiveness and firm but soft ride. I actually had tears going thinking I was one lucky guy, riding such a piece of art!! Feel awesome you have created a wonderful ride. I thought the bike was the most beautiful bike I've ever seen, and it rides nicer than my $7,000 carbon-fiber bike." Marc Gaudin
"I've finally bought the remaining parts on a trip to London and was able to assemble the bike. Comparing with my Cervelo R3, the ride is incredibly smooth. Even compared to my old steel Pinarello, it's a more pleasent ride. I've built it mostly with Ultegra parts, and when compared to the Cervelo (full DA) it weights 1.4kg more, but on a training ride on a hill I couldn't notice any loss on climb performance. I'm REALLY happy with it. Thank you and the team again for the wonderful piece you've produced." Luciano Paribas
"Absolutely stunning!! After a year and 8 centuries, the R2 has held up to the miles of chip seal with the frame still looking brand new, I feel it's the best frame for reducing the vibrations and shocks that are part of the north Texas cycling experience." As of January 2015 he had some 17,000 miles on his R2 and it still looks brand new. T.T. 
"Absolutely stunning!! After a year and 8 centuries, the R2 has held up to the miles of chip seal with the frame still looking brand new, I feel it's the best frame for reducing the vibrations and shocks that are part of the north Texas cycling experience." As of January 2015 he had some 17,000 miles on his R2 and it still looks brand new. Steve A. R2
When I opened the box I was blown away with how beautiful my frame was. Waiting for delivery seemed like a lifetime, but was worth it when I pulled it out of the box. It was hard for me to imagine a nicer ride than the two Seven Cycles Titanium and Carbon bikes I have, but the wood structure really damps out the shocks while still recognizing the bumps, it really smooths out the impacts. Anyway, Bravo! A job well done and I love the frame. Dan McDaniel R4 Pursuit (Other: Sevens)
For a test-ride, I used a favorite loop which is a great, 25 mile ride that has a long, slight descent of 6 miles over an older road with plenty of snakes and cracks. This road is almost unrideable on aluminum bikes, as you do about 30 mph while your teeth get shaken out. The best carbon bikes I've ridden on this road are the Roubaix and the Colnago CLX 2.0. Steel-framed bikes do well here, but still transmit a bit of high-frequency vibration. Once I began the descent on the Renovo, I was shocked. You still feel the bumps, but they are extremely damped. And there is almost no high-frequency vibration at all! The wood frame just soaks up this road, and gives a ride like some kind of magic, natural shock absorbers. Back-to-back riding on this with the Roubaix clearly shows that the Renovo has a smoother ride. Joe Martz
"The frame ride is amazing. First time out to test it I took it to an area filled with steep climbs where I could stand on the pedals for full 5 to 10 minutes and where the pavement is in rather bad condition and must report that the frame climbs well and it descends absorbing the greatest amount of vibrations ever experienced by me on any other bicycle. I actually kept looking at my tires wondering if one or both had gone flat due to how little vibration I was feeling. Simply incredible. Like a wheeled pillow. And this from a guy whose whole life had ridden nothing but steel!" J.L. Pursuit
“I’ve been riding my Elwood for three years now in North Yorkshire, England, often in rainy, cold miserable weather.  Whenever I ride in the rain people are shocked that I rode my “wood” bike.  But my Elwood still looks like brand new, rides like a dream, and gets more compliments than either my 1994 Colnago Master Olympic or my 2012 Bianchi Oltre, two very flashy and expensive bikes!” Dan W
My first season riding the Renovo and never an issue. Plenty of daily rides (over 3500 miles this summer) to compare with: Look 695, Ridley Noah, Willier Cento Uno and Blue AC1 SL... For long rides the Renovo is the most comfortable bike hands down. For frame integrity and power transfer the Look is its only equal. But I believe that's due to the Look's 65mm integrated bottom bracket. Nothing on the road is as beautiful. Absolute eye candy in every detail. Love it!! Greg Alspach, R4 Pursuit
Just got my bike from Macau this morning!  I rode it back to my home in Zhuhai.  As I was crossing the border everyone was eying the bike. It is gorgeous.  But it ride even better than it looks.  I have 11 bikes in my collection. This bike is by far the smooth and quietest. Silky smooth even on bumper road. supreme handling.  Kudo to all of you at Renovo.  This is the first bike of its kind in China I believe..  Even the custom agents are envy. Again Thank you for a job well done.  Worth the waiting! Eddie Wu R4 Pursuit
This bike (Pursuit) is by far the best ride I have ever owned. I like my Trek and my Colnago but the ride quality of the Renovo beats these bikes hands down. I built the frame up three weeks ago and have just over 600 miiles on it so far. Thank you for making a quality product here in America. Steve Anderson
I was much less fatigued from vibration at the end than any other long distance ride I've ever done. The ride on my R4 is nothing short of plush, yet the stiffness for climbing is there. My satisfaction with the bike grew with every mile on mostly chip sealed roads that normally I can't stand." DW (Madone)
I rode her to work today and the response was overwhelming. Even the most hardcore bike snobs with garages full of Serottas, Sevens and Moots were impressed by the finish and by the ride (yes, I let people ride her). You´ll probably get an order for an R4 from JH, he had been dying to see one in person and was delighted. The ride is wonderful... it´s like the bike isn´t even there, as one of my friends said. BP, Jamis Coda, Seven Axiom, Serotta Concours Ti.
A customer who commutes daily (including rain and snow) in Portland, said after replacing his Calfee custom carbon with an R2, 'The Renovo is much stiffer, smoother, much better looking; I love it.' (His Calfee became our stiffness tester). GF
A triathlete with the usual garage full of fancy bikes said he thought his Colnago C40 was stiff until he took his Renovo R2 up hills. Of his collection of carbon and aluminum Colnagos, Cervelos and 8 or so others, his Renovo is now his favorite ride for its combination of smooth ride and stiffness. After two years, he insists his Renovo is the best bike he’s ever ridden. JH
This owner of a Cervelo Soloist said of his Renovo R2, 'The Renovo is easily as stiff, much smoother and looks way better'. (We used his Soloist for stiffness tests). MW
As this customer was unpacking his Renovo R4, he stopped to call and gush over how beautiful it was… and then we didn’t hear from him for 2 weeks.  I finally emailed to ask what happened. His response… 'I finally overcame my trepidation at getting my delicious new bike all dirty from road spray… but I think I also had a bit of a psychological issue since I was afraid that the bike wouldn't ride as totally awesome as it looked. Within the first 100 yards, I realized that I was wrong to have delayed. The ride is excellent - smooth but responsive. Fun climbing, stable on the downhills and a joy to spend lots of time on. This bike is simply an amazing piece of engineering and art.' JH, Klein Pro Q XX
I wanted something kind of one-off for Street Swell. Renovo was more than willing to accommodate. What I now have is the first bike I've ever had that will never be for sale...a Badash 29er. John Cummins
I rode in two metric centuries last weekend and then a three day 300 mile ride this weekend that ended at the Michigan International Speedway. That final lap around the track was a hoot! I expected to get attention with this bike, but had no idea. It is a work of art. Kudos to you and your team. DH
I love it!! It is such a joy to ride. The main thing is it is a great bike to ride. Great handling. Stiff, fast so much fun. The huge added bonus is that everyone just loves it. It is a such a work of art. It’s like driving a classic car. Just so much fun. I rode it 30 miles this morning before work. My favorite bike ever!!!!!Guys. Unbelievable. Really this is a thing of beauty. Thank you so much. The workmanship, detail, love and care that has gone into that frame is amazing.. It has been in the bike shop for two days and I have three offers to buy it already (but wouldn’t sell it for anything) and so much buzz on the local cycling websites about it. What an amazing looking frame. Even people who don’t know bikes look at it and say wow. Thank you so much and  will keep in touch. I have sneaky feeling you may get a few more customers from Singapore soon!!!! NP
It is truly amazing! It’s so beautifully made my dad is hesitant to even ride it – he wants to hang it on the wall! It's so great to see a company that still produces beautiful things to such an exacting standard – you wouldn’t believe the feedback that our local bike shop has gotten… Literally everybody that sees it is amazed and wants to know all the details, what it feels like, etc… Maybe South Africa’s your next big market? CV
I love this bike – it rides better than anything else I’ve ridden or owned, including steel, titanium, aluminum and carbon frames. Alan Razak, 2018 Pursuit
These bikes are the absolute best ride I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a number of very very good bikes over the years. Keith Mathis, R3

After trialing many high end carbon bikes, I went for a test ride on a few Renovo models and immediately gave my deposit to get one.  I feel the Renovo really absorbs the road vibration better than carbon, as well as the bigger bumps.  The ability of the wood to absorb the road vibration really smooths out the ride.  Plus it is a work of art  and I love telling people it is made out of actual wood, not just a great paint job.  Some people don’t believe me.  Karyn Mentink, Pursuit, Parlee