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The Stave Built Renovo is hand made from white oak wine or whisky barrel staves. Nick-named the Hogshead, which is a unit of measure for a certain barel, 66 imperial gallons. We feature the spirts stains in the laminations. The chain stays use stiffeners at the drop outs that are the top part of the barrel stave. The mid curved part of the barrel stave is used in the side planks. And the tubes are trapezoidal shaped in a design nod to the shape of a barel stave. The frame is very elegant and with some surprising detail. For instance, the trapazoidal shape is extended into the head tube, which can only be done by hand carving. Each frame is signed and dated under the bottom bracket by Christo Mroz to ensure that this art bike will be recognized in the future as an original work of art by Christo under the brand name Renovo.

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