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The Renovo Pursuit is a Whisky Jack for the road. It has slightly narrower tire spacing, and a slightly more upright geometry than our gravel frame. Choose any size from 50 to 61 cm, but standard sizes are 52, 55, 58 and 61 cm, or small, medium, large and extra large. Wood choices are wide, but usually are selected from walnut, maple, cherry, koa, ash and elm. Please use order notes for details of what you currently ride, what you want your new bike for, and any initial preferences you have. We'll contact you shortly to go over more details. Options to your custom Renovo include adding a carved head tube, and hollowed seat stays . Each frame is signed and dated under the bottom bracket by Christo Mroz to ensure that this art bike will be recognized in the future as an original work of art by Christo under the brand name Renovo.

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