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Renovo Deposit for $5,500 Whiskey Jack: Custom frames are Editions of One. They are Renovo's high-art bikes, hand sculptured from wood, and bonded to aluminum and carbon components. Dealing with us is a little different than purchasing a metal or carbon bike frame. You will be commissioning an art sculpture, that you can also ride. You have probably never commissioned an art work before. That's ok. We'll make it something you'll want to do again. Start your Renovo Whiskey Jack custom frame order with a $1200 deposit. This will begin your custom frame commission. We will contact you to determine your exact needs, and you can put all the comments you like into your order notes, on the order page. If you are buying a frame only, the total price will be $5,500 for the custom Whiskey Jack frame and the Blackwood edition. This price includes shipping within the lower 48 US States. Shipping costs to other locations can be estimated for you once we have your shipping address. If you are local, you can save about $100 by picking up your bike from us in Gig Harbor. If you are ordering a full build, expect the Force 1x11 build to be around $9,000, Red 1x12 build at $10,000 and the Rotor 1x13 to be around $11,000. Exact prices are going to depend on the group set and wheel set you choose, plus a few other options, which we can get into later. Once your frame is complete, the balance will be due, and we'll ship it out to you, or send it over to our build team to set up for you. Expect the whole process to take about 90-120 days for custom built Whiskey Jack frames. Note that this order page will be made invisible when we meet our order limits, to keep from taking deposits on bikes we can't build in the next 120 days.

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